Saturday, 27 August 2011

Crusaders 1 - 1 Coleraine - The Aftermath.

As I set off to Seaview in my car, I was treated to a child falling off his bicycle, now I know I shouldn't have laughed, but I did, it was hilarious, but to my dismay it wasn't the funniest thing to happen that night, it was the referee'ing display.

Now it may sound like sour beans, but it isn't, both sets of fans agree that the ref had a mare, and if the type of officiating continues it can only halt the progression of our game in Northern Ireland.

But back to the game, it wasn't the greatest start by either teams, with Coleraine shading it, and notorious tweeter Leon Knight having the best chance of the half after a through ball left him one-on-one with Sean O'Neill, which Sean came out on top of, and left Curtis Allen fuming that Knight didn't square it, other than that and the usual calls for handball in the box that the Irish League gets there wasn't much to speak about.

The second half brought a sub for Crusaders with Ciaran Gargan being replaced by Davy McMaster. This looked to have rejuvinated the Crues. And this showed on the 57th minute, when McMasters brilliant left footed cross was expertly nodded in by Timmy Adamson. Tensions were already high at this point after a lot of hard hitting tackles and a lot of over acting by Leon Knight. Now with regards to the crowd trouble and sectarian chanting and abuse towards Crusaders 'Keeper Sean O'Neill, I didn't see it as I was at the other side of the ground, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough what went on. Coleraine scored a goal in 90+3' and fully deserved to as the pressure they kept on Crusaders all game was superb.

Although that said, what went on after the final whistle from the Coleraine fans is ridiculous, such as running onto the pitch, I'm sure a nice little fine will head your way, but spitting on anyone, professional player or anyone is a disgrace. As for the claims that Crusaders fans were racially abusing Leon Knight, if anyone did, I hope they aren't welcome back at Seaview again, but from reports of fans from all round the ground is, that no abuse was shouted, apart from the usual banter you would give to this pint sized idiot. As I read from a few people's twitter shouts is that Leon Knight will try and call the racism card every time he gets abuse from opposition fans, he very much is Coleraine's answer to Joey Barton, as his Twitter proves, calling Seaview a dump along with their fans and players. Sort it out Knight.

I apologise for this turning into a rant, but at least I didn't do it last night as it would of been more ranty and more shouty at Coleraine.

Friday, 26 August 2011

So, Joey's gone, onward and upward...

Hello, and welcome to my first blog, first post, you may well not be back...

So today brought us news we were waiting on but were still seemingly shocked and upset by, as is the Newcastle United way..

Ok, so when the talk of Manchester United and Arsenal were thrown around we all agreed it would be fine for him to go for the Champions League experience. But suddenly the clubs status' were going down, and down, as far as Sunderloland, then jumped up to where we are now.. QPR.

We can all agree that we were all suffering from extreme changes in emotion such as..
'Please don't go Joey!'
'Screw him, money grabber'
'Its for his family, hes needs stability'
'He owes the club!'
etc etc

Now, you may be thinking, no, I didn't say any of that, well that because they were a series of my tweets and it's my blog and what I say goes...unless you complain, then I may change my mind.

Anyway, back to his move, I personally think he's made a mistake, I do think FCB would have offered him a deal, much like the Steven Taylor saga, and yes it's all the agents fault, everytime. Let's not forget Joey had the chance to sign a new contract in January/February time. Also not forgetting Joey's tweets about not wanting to find himself in a relegation battle... yes Joey we do remember all these tweets.. another being I'm going to stay and sit my contract out... you didn't forget that did you? Ah there's Joey talking about his ambition and the Champions League on Sky Sports News...

But as I promised, onwards and upwards, we are all still fuming about the lack of signing in certain positions, notably Left Back, Striker, Centre Defence and possibly Right Back. Although Shola is able to comfortably fill all these positions, we do need to field 11 players, and Shola's not up to that, we need Tomi back. That said, the players we have brought in are, in my eyes, world class, well Gorgeous Yohan Cabaye is anyway, amazing passing ability, may be Tiote like in the yellow margins though. Marveaux, who played yesterday on the left wing was very promising, fast like Keyring Dyer, skillful, and also naturally leftsided and sticks to his touchline. Obertan, who we've seen glimpses of what he's capable of, which also looks very promising, fast as Keyring again and very very skilful, although his headshape scares me a little... A few youngsters coming through like Shane Ferguson, Mehdi Abeid, Sammeobi, Haris 'Smiler' Vuckic, Timmy Krul and Kaz Lua Lua (Brighton on loan), all look very good and we could be looking at a very good future.

BUT.. our striking signing so far in this summer of Demba Ba, which, with 7 goals in 12 games, looked a helluva bit of business, but unfortunately from what I've seen, 4games he isn't really what we need, there's only room for one Shola and Ba isn't him, for me at the minute, I would like him to prove me drastically wrong though, that would be wonderful.

Anyway, thats me off to watch Crusaders vs Coleraine at Seaview (write up later..or tomorrow) , let me know what you thought of my first post and if I should continue at @ConnorNufc.

Over and oot.